Big news coming up!

It has been a while since I last posted but I have been in my “off season” mode which means I have been relaxing, training when I’ve felt like it and eating what I haven’t been able to eat during the season.  But that only lasted a few weeks after the Chicago Marathon.  I hadn’t swam since the Chicago Triathlon so I knew I needed to get in the pool and at least get some yardage in.  I had been riding my bike every now and then after the Chicago Tri but nothing to serious so I had to get back in the saddle too.  All in all, I had a good few weeks to relax and getting back into training is nice.  I am still unstructured but I am making sure I am doing something everyday to get my body used to the training again.

But, as my title says, I have some big, and exciting news I will announce within the next few weeks.  This news has put a little pep in my step when it comes to training and I am super excited to see where I can take my fitness in 2014.  I am very excited about the 2014 season and I am filling in more races besides Ironman Wisconsin.  I will probably race the USAT Long Course Nationals which happens to be hosted by the Grand Rapids Triathlon which was my first half-iron distance triathlon in 2011!  I am happy to go back at test some early season fitness against some great competition.


And for the next few months my training will be done in the cold winter weather (running), in my basement on the trainer (cycling), or in the chilly water at my gym!