2nd Again at Wauconda Triathlon

Well the title says it all.  2nd place at the Wauconda Olympic Distance Triathlon.  I know I should be really happy with second but I was going into the race thinking that my first triathlon win would be possible.  This race is a “long” olympic race at 1 mile swim, 28.6 mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run.  I did this race in 2012 and came in second.  I figured that with my fitness, even though I was carrying fatigue from training, I might be able to get the W.  But it was not my day…by 47 second!  47 seconds.  And when I looked at the results I knew that the time was lost on the bike.  But I digress because there were some positives about the race.  I had my fastest swim split, even though this course is longer than a normal Oly race, I ran pretty well considering the course was rolling hills, and I had the fastest T2 time of the race!

Swim: 24:29 (1:23 min/100) 2nd Overall/1st AG

This race was a wave start and I was in the 4th wave.  Lined up in front for the beach start and gunned it out of the gate.  Then after a bit I was in front and was a bit nervous people would swim past me so I hit it hard.  After about a 100 yards no one passed me.  Weird.  I have NEVER led out a swim before.  I kept looking around for someone to catch up and make a pass so I could latch on and swim with them.  But that never happened.  There was another guy parallel to me but was off course a bit so I didn’t want to lose my line so I stuck with it.  Other then catching up to other waves it was an uneventful swim and I was still SHOCKED that I was leading out of the swim.  But now the time had come to run up T1 and get ready to ride!

Bike: 1:12:19 (23.7 MPH/ 234 NP) 3rd Overall/2nd AG

I got on the bike and got up to speed pretty quickly.  Then someone passed me about a mile or so in.  I thought about going with him but wanted to race my race knowing that this guy would either ride hard then run hard or he would ride hard and put a minute or so into me that I could make up in the run so I stuck with my pace.  The guy ended up putting 3 minutes into me.  The ride can be summed up by saying “I didn’t have an extra gear”.  It was a pretty simple ride on a 14.3 mile loop on mostly decent roads with some rollers.  I just couldn’t get my legs going which was kind of annoying but I also didn’t want to push too hard then not be able to run.  That goes through my head EVERY race.  How hard can I push without losing my running legs.  I know that running is my strength so I want to keep something in my tank for that.  But I also realize that in the big races I am going to have to push a bit more maybe and hope my bike fitness is where it is so it allows me to run well after.  Well first loop went well, second lap went well now it was time to run!

Run: 37:20 (6:01 min/mile) 2nd Overall/1st AG

Well after my race best T2 time I headed out for the run!  I took off running fast knowing that I had at least one person to catch and not knowing how far ahead the guy was.  I also wanted to race fast because I didn’t know if anyone in the earlier waves put in a solid race so far, which someone did, and beat me by 47 seconds!  I found my stride pretty quickly and got into a good rhythm.  I was running hard and I saw a few people ahead of me on a hill about a minute up the road.  I kept getting closer and closer and counted 25 seconds, then 15 seconds, then on a hill I was about 5 seconds back.  When I make a pass in a race I put on my best poker face and try to “fly” past to act like I am just cruising.  Thankfully the guy didn’t come with and I ended up beating him by about a minute and a half.

This course had some decent rollers and wasn’t flat so it was challenging but that made it fun.  I ran a few of the hills fast but didn’t have good enough turn over and tore a hole in my shoe with my big toe, oops.  But I was having a blast even though it was painful.  Get to the final mile and push it hard because I know that I am racing time and hoping that no one else put up a faster time.  Cross the finish line, go to the timing booth and get my results but they didn’t have the official results.  So I had to wait…

Finish: 2:16:06 (2nd Overall/1st AG)

Well after a while they have the results posted and I realize that I lost by 47 seconds!  I was very disappointed because I thought I had a good chance of winning.  But after a while I realized that a lot of good came from the race and I can’t complain too much since my training had been tough and I didn’t have any taper or real easy days leading up to the race.  And I also hope I am saving my best results for Ironman Wisconsin and 70.3 Steelhead!  And the icing on the cake was the amazing breakfast my girlfriend had waiting for me when I got home!  Then I continued to eat the rest of the day/night!