Rocket Pure Natural Body Care

A month ago I was contacted on twitter by Rocket Pure. I checked out their site and looked at the products and I was intrigued. They make natural body care products geared for athletes. It was perfect timing because it seemed that spring had just hit us and I needed some new sun screen. A few days before I spent about 20 minutes at CVS looking at the back of labels to see ingredients for something that was supposed to protect my skin but seeing something with like 50 ingredients and different chemicals always scares me. Rocket Pure uses natural ingredients in their products so I was instantly interested in testing them out. They sent me out a little care package of the natural sunscreen, lip balm, anti-chafe balm, and, my fiancé’s favorite, foot deodorizing powder in Cedarwood and Eucalyptus. I was very happy with that one because I have about 5 pair of running shoes, 2 pair of cycling shoes, and many casual shoes that tend to pick up a certain odor. I have tested the products on hard rides, easy rides, super hot/humid runs, cooler but sunny runs and they have passed the test with flying colors.


The first ride with them was a tough 3 hour ride with some serious intervals. It was warm and sunny so I knew it would be a good test for the products. The anti-chafe stick goes on really smooth and feels really good. Some anti-chafe sticks are kind of tacky and don’t glide perfectly but this stuck is really smooth. No chafing issues there.

The sunscreen was the one I was most interested in. I put on the sunscreen and the only bad part is it takes a while to rub in and does leave your skin a bit pasty but I actually liked that because I could see where I put the sunscreen. I knew I was protected! After the long, hard ride I showered and took inventory of where my bib shorts and jersey had been. No burns, no new tan lines so it worked! I also used the lip balm on the ride which was a nice touch. I always bring lip balm because my lips get chapped easily so having the added protection on my lips was great.

I have been using the products for a few weeks now with really good results. The only drawback with the sunscreen is it is a bit expensive. It is still a bit less expensive than other natural sunscreens and a big bonus is it is made in the good ol USA! But if one is going to spend money on something I guess it should be the thing that protects your skin! I have use my cheaper sunscreen on my arms and then used the Rocket Pure on my face, ears, and neck to get the most usage out of the sunscreen. Oh, and I forgot to talk about the deodorizing powder! Well it works great as well. I put it in my cycling race shoes after a rainy race a month ago and so far so good. I usually add it to my shoes after a week or running or cycling to try to kill any bacteria and to keep my second bedroom not smelling like death!

Head over to Rocket Pure and check out the products if you want some good, natural stuff to protect your skin!