Working and Training

Well real life has finally hit me.  I started my student teaching assignment at the start of January.  So I am now full time teaching along with training.  I see about 375 K-5th grade students a day in my PE classes and I am on my feet all day.  But I have to say, it is fun pretty much all of the time.  It’s what I want to do for work so I cannot complain about it since this is what I have chosen.

I was worried going into the start of student teaching if I would still be able to train well and teach all day.  Obviously I know people work 50+ hours a week and still train and have families so I guess I have it easier.  But the transition worried me a little bit.  Especially the part about training and working while being on my feet all day.  Standing/walking and teaching kids is tiring as it is then add in 10-12 hours a week of training and I thought I was going to be dragging.

After a week or so of waking up early to get one session in, this is KEY to my day, then either training right after work or taking a quick nap then training again I have gotten into a nice little groove.  I have also found that if I do not do some workout before work I am even more tired than if I wake up earlier to train.  My legs just feel dead the whole day.  Again, I should not and will not complain about what I do because I love it.  Training makes me happy and feel good and teaching is what I want to do so combining those two is the best combination I can have.  And, it is great to share some things with my students to show that it is fun to live a healthy active lifestyle!

Boston Marathon is a little over 2 months away, HOLY CRAP, my fitness feels great so I am keeping my fingers crossed every day for a good weather day on April 15th.  I’ll even take a day like 2 years ago with a nice tailwind!