Loop Straitjacket Review

If you are a triathlete, runner, cyclist, or just anyone looking for a very practical and cool iPhone case look no further than Loop.  These cases, also for iPad, protect the phone without taking away the cool look of the phone.  That has been my problem with a lot of the cases, I LOVE the look of the iPhone but most cases that actually protect the phone cover the whole back of the phone and make the phone bulky and tough to get out of your pocket.  The design of these cases is great for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a bunch of stuff in their pockets, i.e. cyclists, runners, etc.  When I go out for a ride I want to bring my credit card and that’s all I want in my pocket besides nutrition.

This case makes my pockets lighter and makes me confident I won't lose my CC!

This case makes my pockets lighter and makes me confident I won’t lose my CC!

This is where the Mummy and Straitjacket come into play.  The back of the case is made to stick a credit card, ID, or any other card like thing back there.  This also means that when I take out my phone I do not have to worry about accidentally dropping my credit card.  The new Straitjacket is the BEST case for this.  The sides are made of tough plastic to protect the case from falls but also makes it easy to get in and out of your pocket.  The back is made of flexible straps to hold the card in place.  It is also great for keeping your pockets slim when you go out as well.  Throw your ID and credit card in the back of the case and you’re good to go!

About to head out with my Straitjacket!

About to head out with my Straitjacket!