2012 Yearly Totals

I have been slacking the past few months and not posting my “Monthly Training Hours” but that’s mainly because my race season was over so my volume is lower and I was also pretty sure not many people really cared about my training hours!  But after my last post about my geeking out with Excel I am going to update on my 2012 yearly workout total!  There is a lot of info in there, thanks to Excel, and I think it’s pretty cool being able to figure so much out with a few clicks of the button.  So….drumroll please…..here we are…


  • Total Time: 104:01:17 hours
  • Total Distance: 332,600 yards which equals about 189 miles
  • Total Workouts: 123 swims which is 26% of workouts and 18% of training time


  • Total Time: 265:00:06 hours
  • Total Distance: 4801 miles
  • Total Workouts: 167 workouts which is 35% of workouts and 45% total training time


  • Total Time: 194:46:45 hours
  • Total Distance: 1472.72 miles
  • Total Workouts: 186 workouts which is 39% of workouts and 33% total training time


  • Total Time: 583:29:17 hours
  • Total Distance: 6462 miles which is basically the distance from Chicago, IL to Tokyo.
  • Total Workouts: 476 workouts

Looking at the totals it’s clear that I had a bike focus, which is what usually happens when training for Ironman.  But it also shows that I should probably swim more, but I already knew that.  I really would like to up my running volume as well which will be my focus at the start of the season while I train for the Boston Marathon.  Then I will switch back to tri specific training until Septemberish, then it will be back to run training for the Chicago Marathon.  I have not yet nailed down my exact 2013 racing schedule or goals but I will, of course, post them on here once I have it all worked out.  Happy New Year and thanks for another great racing year and my eyes are on another great race season!


Next level Tri geek?

I may have just reached a new level of” Tri Geekiness”.  I am sure most triathletes, being type A and all, have some place where they log there workouts.  Now others might have multiple places.  And others still might have multiple places online as well as an Excel spreadsheet to track monthly training hours and miles.  Now I am all of the above; I track my workouts on Trainingpeaks.com and Garmin Connect and I also have an Excel spreadsheet for each month that tracks my monthly training hours.  I have an added sheet that tracks the total yearly time of each sport and their distances as well as total time.

The other day, well on Christmas actually, I was bored and I wanted to see how many workouts I did the whole year.  So I went through each month and counted a few months of each sport.  Then I remembered that one of my professors, who is an Excel master, created a graph to analyze data that he got from tests and other parts of the class.  He was able to create different rows that showed different levels.  “Hmm, that would be really cool if I could do make Excel count my workouts automatically.”  That’s where the “countif” formula comes in to play.  I was able to create a column that automatically counted each workout if it was longer than a certain time/distance.  Boom!  Now I have all of my workouts counted from the year.

Sad isn’t it?  Well I did not stop there.  Today I got to wondering what percentage of time and percentage of workouts each of the sports made up during the year.  Being the Excel genius I am now I made a few clicks and BAM!  Now I have a percent breakdown of the time and total workout percentage for swimming/biking/running.  Now this might be very valuable to me because I can go back and reflect on the season and see how my training was and what I might be able to tweak to improve certain things.

That might seem sad but people who know Excel know that what I did did not take as much time as it might seem.  But judge me if you want; at least I know how many hours I trained this year!  KIDDING (well I do know but kidding because that’s not that cool of a thing to most people)

Vacation Time!!! (and gluten “free” update)

Now that my semester is over and the weather is getting colder what could be better than taking a trip somewhere warm?  Going on a cruise to somewhere warm!  I am super excited to get away from this weather and get some sun and relax.  My GF and I are leaving Saturday for Ft. Lauderdale then heading on a cruise to the Bahamas where we will stay for a few nights then head back.  We will be gone until the following Friday so that’s almost a week of fun and sun!  I have never done a winter vacation or gone on a cruise so killing both of these birds is more than ok with me.  I am excited to get away to recharge my mind and body because when I come back reality sets in.  I am starting my student teaching in the spring and my training season for 2013 will start.  I am looking forward to both of those things but I need a nice vacation to just get away from everything and relax.

It might be hard but I am not bringing running shoes and only bringing swim goggles.  I might train a bit but I might not.  I think it would be cool to swim in the ocean or run on the beach but the biggest thing I want to do is relax and chill out with my GF, and of course get a tan!

Now for my quick diet update.  Last post I was very diligent with my gluten free diet.  Since then I have dialed down a bit.  I am not super strict with it but I have not had bread, pasta, or other big flour items since my diet has started.  I have had a few cookies here and there but nothing too big.  I have pretty much taken this “Low Gluten diet” and have been using it.  I kind of figured I have no gluten sensitivity so if I have a little gluten I won’t freak out about it but I will try to not have big gluten meals or anything like that because I feel a little better after cutting it out.

Happy holidays and I am looking forward to putting on a few extra holiday pounds!