Chicago Triathlon RR

The lead up to this race was not the best. And it being my last triathlon of the season had me a little worried because I wanted to go out with a good result. The last two weeks of training were very tough for a variety of reasons: I just started my first year orientation for my new teaching job, I started pre-season for the high school soccer team I coach, and I was mentally sucking it up in the pool. The first two things caused my schedule for the Wednesday a week and a half before the race to Tuesday before the race to be basically working/coaching from 7-7ish, with short breaks for lunch and dinner. So all I wanted to do after each session was lie down and relax. I was able to get most of my running and biking workouts in because those are easier to get done since there is no travel time needed to bike/run. But oh well!

I did this race as my first real big triathlon a few years ago and I did the sprint. I did the Olympic distance this go round and I joined the Elite Amateur wave so I could be in the first Olympic wave and race with the faster guys and girls which would make my race faster and more competitive.

Race morning was like any other race morning so nothing special there. The only issue with this race was we had to be there super early to get transition set up. And another crappy part of this race was they did not have assigned rack numbers so it was pretty much a free for all in each wave’s rack. And pretty much everyone racked there bikes on the same side because the space between the two racks was about 2 yards. This sucks because it would be impossible to have two people leaving transition together or if one person was on the ground changing a person who was trying to leave with their bike could not pass. Thankfully that did not happen to me! Although I did go to the wrong rack coming in to T2.

Swim: 26:36 (including the long run to transition) 30th fastest swim

As I stated above my swim training had been lacking leading up to the race so I did not expect great things. Got off to a good start and tried to draft off of some people but I wasn’t able to stay on feet for that long. It seemed like whenever I found feet they either sped up and dropped me or they swam off course a bit so I didn’t follow. Not much to say about the swim but it was not as bad as I thought. I got out of the water in about 24:30ish then took the almost 1/4 run to transition.

Bike: 1:00:52 (24.9 MPH, 241 watts) 5th fastest bike split

Got on the bike and found my groove pretty quickly. I wanted to really push the bike and see how hard I could ride while still feeling pretty good. My HR was staying pretty high but I wasn’t too worried. Found a few people to ride with but then ended up passing them because I wanted to really push it. The only bad part about the ride was I ran out of water a little under halfway through the ride which might explain my poor run split. The course was not too busy although there were some people riding down the wrong side of the road or riding like 4 across. But I will say I was SHOCKED when I looked back at the results and saw I had the 5th fastest bike split. It made me happy to finally see that I can bike with the top guys in my AG, at this race at least. Hopefully I can continue to improve my cycling and get even faster for next season

Run: 39:12 (6:19 min/mile) 8th fastest run split

I said above how I ran out of water pretty early in the bike ride which I think hurt my run. It was not that hot during the race but it started to get humid during the run and the whole run course is in the sun with not much shade so that made it feel worse. The run was a struggle right from the start. In Milwaukee at the AG Nationals I ran just over 37 minutes so I was hoping for around that pace but I quickly realized that would not happen. I just kept pushing the pace and after a mile or so someone passed me. I tried to keep up but that would not last long. Kept running because at the turnaround I saw a few people I might be able to catch. So I really put myself in the hurt locker and thankfully the final mile came around and I tried to kick it in. I kept asking people if anyone was behind me because I was DEAD tired. I saw my dad, who also raced Sunday, and he told me no one was close to me so I didn’t need to worry. Crossed the finish line and was very relieved to be done. Ended up chatting with one of my social media friends at the finish which was pretty cool.

Finish: 2:09:34 (9th overall amateur)

I can’t be too mad about the result of this race since my training hadn’t been great so I will take it. And the weather didn’t help either. Now that my triathlon season is over I have changed over to full on marathon training! Next up is the Chicago Marathon!


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