Goals for 2012

So when I think of goals I want to achieve in a race or a season I always go big.  I am the type of person where if I do not achieve a goal I will not lose much confidence, it will just make me train harder for the next time.  My goal for me first marathon was 3 hours.  Yeah, kind of a crazy goal to undertake for marathon #1 but my dad ran a 2:56:xx in his first marathon when he was a little older than me so I figured “why not”.  I did not achieve that goal but it is still a goal of mine and I will be training for it in 2012.  So here are my, some are lofty goals, for 2012.

  1. Finish Ironman Texas and Ironman Wisconsin- I say finish because of how big of an accomplishment it is but I know I won’t be happy with just a finish
  2. Execute MY race plan in Texas and Wisconsin- Nutrition, pacing, and mental aspects of the race
  3. Run a sub-3 hour marathon at the Chicago Marathon
  4. Lower my open ½ marathon time from 1:26:41 to under 1:25
  5. Swim a sub 1:10 Ironman swim- either Texas or Wisconsin
  6. Run a 3:30 Ironman marathon- I know this one will be tough but from what I hear it’s safe to take 1 minute off your half Ironman run time when estimating Ironman run time, that is assuming everything goes right during the swim and bike
  7. Challenge for a Kona spot at either race- there are many factors that go into getting a Kona spot so this is my loftiest goal but go big or go home right?!
  8. Raise my Functional Threshold Power (currently around 250) at least 7%
  9. Be injury free!
  10. Go sub 4:30 at either Ironman 70.3 Racine or Steelhead- I have a bone to pick with Steelhead since they cancelled the swim and I went 3:49 so that day I could have had an awful swim and still went 4:30 I think
  11. Eat more fruits and vegetables!!!

I know I will think of more goals and I will update when I do but here are the big ones for now.


Great picture

I found this picture online and I thought it was funny.  I should probably ride my bike more to commute but that would mean getting another bike…well I wouldn’t NEED it but who wants to commute with their good bike?


Off Season Training

So I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and today I just decided to do it.  Coming up with a name was tough and I am still not sold on this name but I think it does a good job at hitting to what it is geared towards.  So now that I have a name for my blog, what do I write about first?  I figured I might as well talk about what I have been doing in the off season, if there really is an off season for a triathlete.

My race season ended after the Chicago marathon in October so my plan was to just train as I felt necessary and kind of do what I wanted when I wanted.  I bought a PowerTap for cycling and found a good winter training program so my bike training was set.  I bought two books, Run Workouts for Triathletes and Swim Workouts for Triathletes and planned to try to work on  my swim and maintain my run since that is my strongest leg.  The swim was fine but unfortunately I got turf toe a few weeks before the Chicago Marathon so I was not able to do much run training for about 6 weeks after the marathon which was pretty annoying.

Having all of this “free” time was nice.   Since I am in school full time not training 14 hours a week was kind of nice.  I was able to catch up on rest, hang out with friends, and just relax.  But after a week or so that relaxing got mentally tough.  My body was so used to all the running, biking, and swimming that the down time I had started to annoy me.  But I still only trained when I wanted to and if I felt like taking a day off I would so I was making sure I was resting.  When I told friends I was still training 6-10 hours a week they looked at my like I was crazy.  I guess it’s the curse of getting used to kicking my butt day in and day out.

Now I am a week out from starting my training for Ironman Texas and I am super excited.  I know my coach Katie Morse has something good in store for me.  I know training is not going to be easy during the Chicago winter but I have become friends with my trainer so the only time I will need to be outside is to run because I cannot stand the trainer.  Well first post is done and hopefully you all made it to the end!