Gluten free diet update

For those who follow me on twitter or read this blog know that I am experimenting with a gluten free diet.  I am 16 days in and it’s going well.  The thing I was worried most about is how I would manage this diet with my massive sweet tooth.  Well, there is an amazing wheat free bakery in Evanston called, Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery.  I bought bread and some cookies, and a brownie, from there a few weeks ago and while it was a bit more expensive than another bakery the price was well worth it because the bread and sweets were amazing.  The good thing is Whole Foods and most grocery stores now have a good selection of gluten free products or mixes.  I made some gluten free chocolate chip cookies a few days ago and, well all the cookies are gone, haha.  Yes, I have a problem with sweets!

The main question I get when saying I am on a gluten free diet is “why?”.  The main reason I decided to try it was to test my self control, but also because I have heard many stories of people feeling better after taking gluten out of their diet.  Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye, barley and it usually does not fully digest because it is a “foreign” substance.  And that undigested junk in your GI tract can cause gas, bloating and other not so nice issues.  A big reason many endurance athletes are going gluten free is because gluten can mess with the body’s insulin levels because the gluten is converted into sugar.  The GI tract issues have not been a big issue for me but once the GI tract is stressed these issues can come about.  Most people who are not gluten sensitive might not feel the benefits of a gluten free diet but those of us who are crazy enough to compete in long distance events could feel the effects because fueling for those events causes massive stress on the body and the GI tract.

I have also read that a gluten free diet can help with attention issues as well as stress.  I tried to find some research to back this up but my laziness caused me to not look that hard but I probably should.  Maybe that will be something I do over my Thanksgiving break and check back in.

One thing I have noticed is with this diet I am eating better when eating at restaurants.  This is mainly because I cannot eat a whole pizza, or a big ass burger like I used to.  I usually have to go with a salad, which I don’t mind, or get something and not have the bread.  This is probably a good thing because bread, pasta, and other of those carbs are very high in calories and low in nutritional value.

Welp, that’s my 2 week update.  Hopefully I can keep it going through Thanksgiving because I have read it takes around 2-6 months to get all the gluten out of you body.  But we shall see!  (I am not a dietician, nutritionist, or doctor so if I have mistyped or said something false please point me in the right direction because I do not want to come across that I know it all!)


The “Off Season”

So now that my race season is officially over I get to relax (well a little)!  I am pretty much training when I want and doing what I want.  I took a nice little break after the Chicago Marathon of doing absolulely nothing besides eating, eating, and more eating.  If I wanted something I ate it.  I needed that break from the diet I had been on since pretty much January.  But now I am back to training.  I don’t have a structured training plan, I pretty much wake up and decide if I want to swim, bike, run, or lift weights.  I have come to the realization that I cannot not train.  I get way too wound up and antsy if I am sitting around too much.  This can be good or bad.  But I am working on it.

I have done one cyclocross race which was a blast and I plan on doing some more.  I have also signed up for a few 5K running races which hurt so much but are also fun because they’re over in like 18 minutes.  But it’s 18 minutes of pure hell.

On another note, I am trying out a gluten free diet.  I am 2 days in and so far so good.  I have not found a GF bread yet and the toughest part of this diet will be finding good tasting sweets!  I am doing it just to kind of see if I can and to test my self control.  Let’s see how long it lasts.

Well that’s about all that is new with me, oh and I got a MacBook yesterday!  I needed a new computer but I decided to splurge and treat myself to a new toy.  And my bike training tool is TrainerRoad which is an amazing program!  Welp, until next time, have a good one and thanks for reading!