New carbon rim!

This is my new rear rim.  88 mm deep carbon rim.  I cannot wait to get it built with my PowerTap hub and train with it!


Everyday race wheels

That title might seem like an oxymoron for a lot of cyclists and triathletes but it is one that spurs debates and some get pretty testy about it.  The reasons for me writing this post are that I purchased a deep carbon rim which I will lace my PowerTap hub onto as well as a nice thread on Slowtwitch about the subject.

There seems to be a three different camps: those who would never ever ever ride their race wheels during training because they are RACE wheels, those who don’t want to ride race wheels during training because they don’t want to look like a poser, and finally those who train with the wheels they paid ungodly amounts of money for.

I kind of straddle the first and third camps.  I do not think I would regularly train with my SRAM S80 front wheel that I race with but I think if I shelled out a few grand on some Zipp 808 or 404s I would ride them every day, maybe only rear for the 808.  But these wheels are expensive so some people are scared to ride them every day.  But what has been proven is these wheels can take a beating.  Now the carbon rim I bought is not an expensive rim but I am pretty sure if I would have bought a Zipp 808 with PowerTap I would ride it every day so I would not have to buy a second PowerTap for a training wheel.

I also think of it this way, if you are out there training your butt of and then spend a lot of money on wheels, why not use them?  That would kind of be like buying yourself a Felt DA1 with Di2 and keeping it in the basement.  Now I know it is a lot easier to bust a wheel than a frame but I think that you should use the equipment you bought with your hard-earned money.  Now, on the other hand I can totally see not riding them if you only ride on crap roads or are nervous about breaking them because that will take the fun out of riding.  But everyone has their own thoughts but these are mine.  Now hopefully my sweet new carbon rim lasts everyday riding (knock on wood)!

You be the judge…if you could ride one of these bikes everyday which would it be?  Both are freaking sweet though.


Again both are sweet but the one with the Zipp wheels looks even better.