Winter Training Woes

Chicago winters are dark, dreary, cold, windy, LONG, icy, boring, and did I mention long?! The winters around here can do a few things to training. They can kick start the mental toughness that comes along with endurance sports, and/or it can start a process that saps you mentally so you might not want to train! For me it does both. But if I can keep coming back and waking up to train when I am mentally drained I know that I will be ready to go when the season comes along.

I don’t mind riding on the trainer as long as I have some good music of TV to watch. I don’t mind running outside in the cold. What really gets me is waking up early to go swim and it is pitch black outside! I then have to drive to the pool, get in the “cold” water and swim. But once I am in the water things change, well usually. There are times when I am swimming and I think “man I wish I was a duathlete!” But I feel like this is all a part of the process of becoming mentally strong. Winter training separates the weak from the strong and it is the building block to a solid season.

I do get a bit worn down around this time because I want to get outside and ride my bike! Even during the season when the weather is nice I don’t ride outside all of the time. That is mostly because I live in the city and riding, or driving, to an area that is good to ride take a bit of time. But it is also because I know I can get a lot of great quality training done on the trainer since there are no stop lights, no coasting, nothing but me and the numbers!

I am VERY excited for this upcoming year. There are a lot of things that will be going on and triathlon is only a small portion. 2016 is going to be a great year!


A New Year and New Opportunities

Well it is 2016! After a very successful 2015 I am very excited and eager to get 2016 under way! This year is going to be amazing. I am excited, first off, to get married in June, go on a honeymoon, race fast and train hard (in that order).

In 2015 I won my first race overall at the Chicago Triathlon, I came 2nd in my age group at the USAT AG National Championships, I won my age group at Ironman 70.3 Racine, PR’d at the Chicago Marathon, and I got engaged! I feel like 2015 was really my coming out party for triathlon. I grew so much as an athlete, I learned to endure different suffering and training stress and race differently so I could compete at the front of the amateur race as best I could.

The new opportunities are not only in my personal life, with my marriage, but I also joined a new triathlon team. I joined EGO p/b Sammy’s Bikes team. This is a small group of crazy fast triathletes based out of the Chicagoland area. It was something that I thought hard about because leaving the Snapple Triathlon team was a tough decision. They have been with me since the start of my triathlon career and I don’t think I would be where I am now without their support and confidence in me. But this opportunity was too good to pass up. I will be able to train and race with some of the best triathletes around, I will have a go to bike shop which is HUGE, and I will have the chance to grow more as an athlete. I will be able to continue to develop and be supported by this great group of athletes and the great sponsors we have.

I am very thankful for the new opportunity with my new team but I also feel that I have to prove my worth to them and the sponsors by continuing my 2016 the way 2015 ended. I am eager and very excited to get to work to become the best triathlete I can be so I can race even faster in 2016!

Hard Work is King

Before I get to my actual blog post I wanted to give a super short race report of the Chicago Marathon. Wanted around 2:40. Started off at about 2:45 pace. Felt good until mile 14. Then it hurt. And hurt some more. And then really hurt. Why am I doing this? I will never do another marathon again. Finish race. Disappointed with a PR of 2:44:46. Take a few days to realize I only had a month of true marathon prep. So now not as disappointed. The end.

Now to start the real blog post. In the 4ish years I have been training/racing I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot about nutrition, fueling, injuries, bikes, running, aerodynamics. But one of the things that I have come to realize is that there is no one workout that will get you ready for a race. What gets you ready for a race is A LOT of hard work and consistency. I have thought back to what I did the last two years to get to where I am today and realized that it has all been a progression of smart, hard training year after year to get me in this position.

I have had different coaches over the last 4 years and I have been with my current coach for the last 2 years. What have we done differently? Honestly, I am not exactly sure if we have done much differently we have just attacked training with a different mindset. We have changed my swim sets to work on my weaknesses but distances are still around the same. We have focused on the bike a lot to allow me to run better off the bike. We are still doing good volume, like in the past, but we are also working on A LOT of quality, and it is painful, but rewarding quality.

There is no magic to training. Waking up at 5 AM to swim then cycling/running after work when you are tired day after day then again on the weekends is no secret. But it works. It might take 2 years, 4 years, 5 years to get to your potential but it is worth it. I don’t think I have hit my top end yet and I know I can still improve. It is now time to keep up the hard work and consistency to ensure that I keep getting faster. I am looking forward to the 2016, not only for racing, but also because I am getting married in June! I will have a lot going on this year and my life is changing but I will go after it like I have been the last 5 years; with passion and dedication!

Chicago Triatlon: My First Overall Win!!!!


Just typing that title gave me goosebumps. I am about 48 hours removed from winning the Chicago Triathlon and I am still digesting what that really means. Winning any race is fantastic but thinking that I won a race that is 33 years old and is one of the most attended races in the world, and in my hometown, makes it even better! Even thinking that I am a bit unsure of what it really means. Was the competition good? I am not sure how deep the field was but I know that the second place athlete, Brett Collins, won the race last year and has some FANTASTIC results on his resume. Maybe I am not giving myself enough credit, or maybe I am still figuring out what it means.


No matter what the field size or depth, no matter what race it is or where it is I was honored and very emotional when I crossed the finish line on Sunday. I am going to do this race recap a little differently because the race was, well, different! I will start at the end. Turning the corner and seeing the finish a few hundred yards away was the first time I really thought I was going to win the race. Up until then I thought I was going to get caught. I kept asking my lead-out cyclist if there was anyone behind me but he couldn’t really turn around because he was directing traffic on the path. I didn’t want to turn around and show weakness if someone was behind me. But I knew that if someone came up and tried to pass me I was going to run with them no matter what.

The emotions I felt running down the finish are indescribable. It was an amazing feeling but I think it was also a bit of relief. My parents were there and my fiancé was there too. I think that result kind of cemented to them that all the hard work and training paid off. I know that my family is happy no matter what place I get and no matter what kind of race I have but to be able to show them that the 12-18 hours of training I do a week on top of a full-time job and coaching soccer is working makes me feel better too. Getting that result is something that is still really hard to describe but emotional is about all I can say.


As I said above it wasn’t until the finishing stretch that I really thought I had a chance to win even though I was in the lead for basically the last 3 miles. I came out of the water with a swim I would be happy with last year but not this year. For some reason I lost my breath a few times which caused me to slow down to catch it. I came out of the water 6th place and was kind of down on myself. The long run to transition gave me some time to settle down and realize that I have been cycling very well lately so I should be able to make up some ground then hopefully cut the lead to catch people on the run.


Out on the bike I got into a good groove and started to hammer. My legs felt really good and the weather was basically perfect. Someone from the triple race passed me and I tried to stay with him so he could help pace me and I could LEGALLY ride with him. I was behind him and saw my power drop a lot so I tried to pass him a few times but saw surges up to 300 watts so I figured I might as well save some energy and ride LEGALLY behind him. The bike came to an end with my being in 3rd place. Still a lot of work to do.


Off the bike I knew I was in 3rd but wasn’t sure how far back I was. I had a good, fast transition then got out onto the run and heard my dad say “2.5 minutes back”. Damn. That is a long time to make up in 10k. That comes out to about 25 seconds a mile. I ran 5:40s at Nationals so I was hoping the leader was going about 6 minutes. I started to push it from the start knowing I had to make up time quickly. Having a cyclist in front of me was pretty cool. They cleared the path to make sure I had a good running lane. I missed seeing my mom and fiancé about a mile in because I was already in some pain but knew if I wanted to make up time I was going to have to go hard. Sorry mom and Jessica! At about the 3 mile mark I made the pass into second. I saw first place and looked at my watch to get an idea of how far ahead he was. About 30 seconds close to the turn around. I knew I was going to be able to catch him but then after the turn I became concerned with the eventual 2nd place finisher because he looked strong. I made an effort to push a bit harder and hope that once he saw he wasn’t gaining time he would pack it in and be good with 2nd place.


Now I was about a quarter mile from the finish and felt like death. We had to run up a slight incline which felt like a mountain then I made the right turn and saw the finish! And that is when the emotions started! As always thanks to EVERYONE for the support and following my road to my first win! But an even bigger thanks to my parents who come to every race no matter what and HUGE thanks to my fiancé who puts up with my training and my grumpiness during peak weeks when all I want to do is eat and sleep! Now time to focus on the Chicago Marathon!

Swim: 22:26 (1:22 min/100 yards)

Bike: 58:52 (256 NP/26.5 MPH)

Run: 34:42 (5:36 min/mile)

Age Group Nationals: An unexpected AG silver medal!

3 weeks ago I raced 70.3 Racine and won my age group and placed 11th amateur. I was very happy with the end result but was not completely satisfied because I was not able to show my bike fitness. Fast forward 3 weeks and I am sitting here still in a bit of disbelief with my result at Saturday’s USAT Age Group National Championship. Last month I was going back and forth between signing up for this race of 70.3 Steelhead. I decided on this race because it was going to be moving away from Milwaukee and I was able to drive up the morning of the race. And I sure am happy I made that decision!

Last week I was looking at the USAT AG national rankings and to my surprise I was ranked 15th in the country in my AG. I know I am a good triathlete and I know I can get really good results and I see myself at the front of the race but I am still a bit unsure of myself since this is really the first year that I have been able to put a bunch of good results together. After I saw that I started to think about how I could do in this race. Two years ago I raced there and was like 48th in my AG with a 2:05:xx time which is my PR, well ITU Chicago is the PR but the course was short. I was thinking with my new fitness and experience I thought a top 20 result was realistic. I don’t fancy myself as a short course racer, I think 70.3 is my distance because I have more time to make up time on the run.

My fiancé drove up with me and was my supporter for the day since my parents were, unfortunately, out-of-town. I gave her instructions to tell me my placing after the swim and bike. Thankfully I was in the first wave or else that would have been all but impossible. I gave her rough time estimates of 23 for the swim, an hour for the bike, and 36 for the run. So I thought a 2:02-03 was a realistic result. But my goal was to push from start to finish and let it all fall into place from there.

Swim: 21:53 (1:16 min/100 yards) 14th AG/136th Overall swim time

The swim start was a bit interesting. We were all lined up on the dock in the water and we had to have one hand touching the dock. Now it might not have been so bad but we were PACKED in there. I was on the inside and was getting a bit nervous about the start. I am still not a fan of rough swims so I had to hope that I could get off the line fast and get into a good groove. Thankfully I did! I shot off the line and did not get touched. I tried to find feet and I found some, then I lost them, then found some more, then lost them. I tried to sight to see where I was but it was tough to tell. I figured top 20ish but not sure. Swim went well and felt pretty good. I was pushing it but still wish I could have stayed on someone’s feet to save energy. I got out of the water and saw 22:xx but knew I started my watch about 45 seconds early. So a good start to the race!


Bike: 58:34 (25.5 MPH/268 NP) 3rd AG off the bike..2nd AG/60th Overall bike time

The good thing/bad thing about being #12 I was racked at the first bike rack. So almost as far away from bike/run exit as possible but also as close to swim in/bike in as possible. Got on my bike and heard my fiancé say 13th. I was very happy with that start and with the way my legs felt. I started pushing right away and knew I had good legs so I was pushing it from the start. There were a bunch of riders within a minute or so of me so I was able to get into top 10 pretty fast. Then slowly started pulling others back. I saw the first two riders and they looked a fair distance ahead so I was hoping I could make up some time on the bike and hopefully be able to run some more time into them. Made it into the top 5 at the turn back to transition then I hit a bump and my right aerobar came loose. It was more of an annoyance than a real issue. If it was a longer race it would have been worse but I only had about 15 minutes left so I knew I could just focus on putting weight on the back of the pad so I didn’t fall forward. Made it into 3rd place with a few minutes left and I saw 2nd place up the road. I wasn’t able to catch him but I was VERY happy to get off the bike in 3rd. I was a bit worried that someone behind me would run me down at a race like this so I wanted to push it from the start and see how the legs felt.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.34.26 PM

Run: 35:13 (5:41 min/mile) 2nd AG…fastest run in AG and 15th fastest overall


If you have been following me for the last few years you know that the run is where I shine. I was hoping that I could keep that going and at least get up into 2nd and hope that no one passed me. Legs felt good out of transition and started to tick off the miles. First mile was 5:43. I saw the leader and started timing him to see how far ahead he was…I looked at my watch and saw 4 minutes! Well no chance of catching him! But 2nd place was close and I made the pass about a mile and a half in. I kept the pedal to the metal and pushed as hard as I could. My legs were feeling VERY good but I also wanted to make sure that the 3rd place guy didn’t catch back up so I was pushing it but making sure I had energy left for my final 2 mile pick up. At the turn with about 2 miles left I knew I wasn’t catching 1st but wasn’t sure exactly how far 3rd was back and then I saw a group of runners looking pretty good so I had to keep focus on breathing and my stride to not let anyone back in the game. I saw my friend Nick and he yelled some encouragement to me and that gave me a little added push. The last few miles hurt very bad because I now wanted to gain every second possible so my overall placing would be as high as possible since at a race this short seconds matter. With a half mile to go someone told me no one was going to catch me but to kick it in because I was racing against the clock. So I ignored the pain and discomfort and hit it. I ran down the finishing chute to a nice big crowd and announcers calling my name.

Finish: 1:57:30 2nd AG/24th Overall

Pure relief!

Pure relief!

I cross the finish line and someone congratulates me. I take a second look and it was Mark Allen. For those who don’t know he is one of the best triathletes EVER. He won 5 straight Ironman World Championships and 6 in all and is famous for his show down with Dave Scott in the 1989 “Iron War”. Two years ago I got my medal from Chrissie Wellington, arguably best woman triathlete ever, and this year Mark Allen, pretty cool! Right after that another person shakes my hand, I thought he was just saying good race but he said “you’ve been selected for doping control.” Well then, I guess I get to pee in a cup! I found Jessica to get my ID then walked over to the testing area. After chugging a bunch of Gatorade and water and answering a bunch of questions I was ready to give my sample. They need a lot of urine so I wanted to make sure I was ready for it. Thankfully Jessica followed others over so she was there with me and I was able to answer text messages from family and friends. I was able to get it done in one try. But it sure was a VERY awkward trip to the bathroom. As annoying as it was to not be able to relax and soak in the finish I am extremely happy USAT is taking age group doping seriously. It is sad to say that I am sure there were plenty of athletes who were taking something illegal. Testosterone supplementation has been such a big issue that it is nice to see them testing. But when they were asking questions I wanted to be like “I am a 3rd year elementary education teacher, I don’t have money for doping!”

I am extremely happy with this result and very happy that I was able to put a great race together from start to finish. Now time to start the real big training of the Chicago Marathon but I still have the Chicago Triathlon at the end of the month. But the focus will be to get A LOT of run miles in and not lose too much swim/bike fitness. Thanks everyone for the support!

70.3 Racine Report

I wanted to try to get this report out while things were still fresh in my mind. But I didn’t want to write it so fast that I had some jaded thoughts about the race. I needed time to think about the race, my effort, and what I wish happened before I really wrote it. Before I get into the report I will give a bit of background on Racine. I decided on Racine over Steelhead because Racine is driving distance from my apartment so not hotel needed, and also because I wanted to do USAT AG Nationals which is the day before Steelhead. Some people do both back to back and if they were closer I would be very tempted. The roads on the Racine bike course are, to be nice, crappy. But the big issue with those roads are there are stretches that have expansion cracks every 10-15 meters. So you just have to deal with it and it is very easy to let it mentally break you down, which it did to me at the start.

I went into this race knowing I had very good fitness. My coach and I have been working on my bike A LOT, and it has been painful, but I really wanted to show my new bike fitness and not lose as much time to the other top age groupers. For some reason I am not overly confident going into some bigger races. I KNOW that I have the ability to execute a top 10 race and I KNOW I should be in the top 5 of my AG but I also don’t think I act like it. Maybe it’s because racing is still a “new” and I am improving every race, maybe it’s I am just not as confident in my racing, and maybe it’s because I KNOW that I am going to give up 5 minutes, at least, on the bike to the other top amateurs. Running people down is fun and I LOVE it but I need to improve my bike so I can ride within a few minutes of their time so that I can run fast but just gain more time and not worry about chasing everyone down.

Swim exit

Swim exit

Swim: 26:19 (1:16 min/100) 4th AG: My new AG is pretty big so our wave was split into two waves and I was in the second wave and we were the 3rd to last wave to go off so I had a LONG wait from setting up transition to when my wave went off. Thankfully my parents came to the race to keep me company, and get me water since I forgot I would need more than one bottle during the 3 hour wait time! The water was like 60 degrees so pretty chilly but it felt really good compared to the air temperature which was close to 80 and sunny at the start. I have been doing a good job at pushing the swim this season and results have paid off. I have seen results in the pool but riding in open water is a very different beast! Thankfully Lake Michigan was very calm, unlike Saturday when it was very choppy and had a good current going the opposite direction. I got a good start off of the line and I was off. There was one other person who left everyone after about 100 yards, he ended up swimming a 23, so I had no chance of swimming with him. I didn’t find anyone else to swim with which kind of sucked but I had an eventful time passing people from other waves. I got out of the water and heard my dad yell “26 minutes”. I looked at my watch because he had to be lying, but he wasn’t. This is my fastest swim by like 2 minutes so I was very happy with how the day started! I got to the wetsuit strippers to get my wetsuit off. I already had my sleeved Louis Garneau pulled up. I LOVE this suit because, not only is it more aerodynamic than a non sleeved suit, but it also protects my shoulders and upper arms from the sun!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.30.31 PM

Bike: 2:22:50 (23.9 MPH/232 NP) 3rd AG: I was really happy when I got on my bike because of my swim time. I wanted to really push the bike and show the bike fitness that I worked so hard on. I wanted to start off at around 235 watts then after an hour adjust and, hopefully, push it to 240. I thought that should get me a 2:15-2:20 which would put me in a great position. But that didn’t go according to plan. My right glute started to seize up at the start so I had to stop and stretch twice which cost me about 2 minutes of just stopping and probably another minute or so of soft pedaling and coasting. I wonder if that good swim ended up hurting me because I kicked a lot more and that caused my glute to lock up. I was VERY annoyed and disappointed because I did not want to struggle through this ride like I did at Ironman Wisconsin in 2012. But after about 15 minutes it relaxed and let me ride. But it still hurt and I couldn’t really push the way I wanted to.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.31.11 PM

The roads were not great but they were not horrible. The worst part of the ride was having to pass thousands of other riders. Normally that wouldn’t be so bad but some of the roads were so narrow and riders were passing others but going too wide and left no room for me to pass. It got very frustrating because some people were riding on the left all the time or riding and talking to others. I do not want to seem elitist or anything because I LOVE that so many people challenge themselves with events like this but I just wish everyone was aware of others on the course because things can get very dangerous with so many people on the course. Other than the roads and not being able to push too much I felt like I had a good ride, I got passed by two or three people but that’s about it so I figured I was going to be in good position after the bike.

Racine Finish 2

Run: 1:22:15 (6:18 min/mile) 1st AG: I knew I would have some work to do after the bike but still figured I was top 5 in my wave, I wasn’t sure about the wave before me so I was a little bit nervous of what I might have to overcome. I heard my dad scream “4th place, 1 minute behind” so I knew I had some work to do but hopefully I could put out a good run and at least catch one of two of the others. The run was a bit hot and not very shady. It starts off with two short “hills” which aren’t very fun since you start off the run braking rhythm rather than working yourself into a rhythm. I was trying to look for the others in my AG. I remembered one had a red sleeved jersey and another had a white and blue kit so I was looking out for them. I got into a good feeling between severe pain and discomfort and the right amount of pain. I tried to hit every aid station to get in something but it got difficult at times because there were so many people on the road and the aid stations didn’t seem to be prepared for the mass amounts of people hitting the aid stations at the same time, it was not the fault of the amazing volunteers though you were all great!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.31.37 PM

I made my first AG pass at about mile 6 so I thought I was in 3rd at that point. What I didn’t realize is that I either passed someone without knowing or the other person was in the other wave. I finished the first lap and saw the other person in my AG about 45 seconds ahead of me. I also saw some friends which was great. It is a nice boost to see people you know on the course! I was slowly catching up and was confident I would make the pass but I wanted to make the pass with authority and leave no doubt that I was feeling good. But that was tough because I was in the hurt locker. I ended up making the pass at an aid station. He had to slow down to get coke and I moved to the end of the aid station. It was a bit of a gamble because I wanted coke but also wanted to make the pass. Thankfully it worked out! I kept the pace hot and kept pushing. Finally I hit the last mile and tried to give it one last kick to get as much time as I could. It was very painful and the way I felt at the finish was on the verge of me just falling over because of how tired I was. But I stayed on my feet and my parents told me I won my AG!

Racine Finish


Finish: 4:15:53 1st AG, 28th Overall, and 11th Amateur: I am very happy with the end result of the day. Every race throws different curve balls at you and I am happy I kept my head during the bike when things got hard. But still disappointed because I know I have more to show! But now time to recover a bit then get back to training and get ready for the USAT AG Nationals in August! Thanks to my parents for coming to see the race, thanks to my fiancé for watching the race online and making AMAZING smores cookies for me to devour when I got home! And thanks everyone out there for following me and supporting my racing and training! And of course thanks to Snapple Triathlon and our amazing sponsors!

2 Must Be My Lucky Number: Pleasant Prairie RR

I have been 2nd place overall in two different triathlons, one running race, and two weeks ago I added another 2nd to that list, unfortunately. Now I am not disappointed with 2nd because that means that only one person was faster than me on the day. But I am waiting, patiently, for my first overall win!

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon is a great race. It is about an hour from my and this was my 3rd time racing. The course is great. Nice, calm swim, solid bike course with great volunteers so there is no chance of going the wrong way, and an honest run course to end it all!

I drove myself there early Sunday morning, racked my bike, did all of my pre race stuff then got in the water for a few minute warm up swim. The water felt amazing. Perfect temp and my always trusty Xterra Vendetta wetsuit was feeling nice and comfortable.

Swim (24:23 5th Overall): I talked to a few people before the start to kind of gauge where I wanted to be and if there was anyone I wanted to swim with. Got off to a good quick start and I was alone, well there were two swimmers ahead but no chance of catching them. So the swim was mostly solo but I did get a chance to swim on some feet for a little while. Made the final turn and saw a swimmer I could swim with a bit until the finish. I got out of the water 5th, I think, then ran through transition.

On the bike

On the bike

Bike 1:04:5xish (25 MPH/258 NP) 3rd Overall: I got on the bike and felt my right calf a bit tight. I wanted to really push the bike so I was pretty annoyed my calf didn’t allow me to do that! But I kept on pushing. I wanted to be around 270ish watts to see how I would feel on the run but never got up to that for an extended period of time. I caught a few people pretty fast then saw two others at a turn and knew I would not be catching them since they were a few minutes ahead at the end of the bike. So I mentally started to get ready to get off the bike and try to run them down! That’s my favorite thing to do but I need to get stronger on the bike so I don’t put myself so far behind. But all in all it was a good, tough ride!


Run 36:59 (5:58 min/mile) 2nd Overall: Got off the bike and ran out of transition like a bat out of hell. I thought I was about 4 minutes down on the two leaders so I knew I had PLENTY of work to do. I figured I could run hard, see them at the turn and calculate how much of a lead they had then readjust my pacing as needed. Miles started to tick off and finally saw them. It was about 2 minutes on first and 1 minute and a half on second the first time I saw them. First place looked good but second looked to be struggling a bit.


Kept my foot on the gas and kept pushing it. Next time it was about 1:45 to first then :40 to second. I knew I was going to catch second but wasn’t sure about 1st. I made the pass into 2nd with about a half mile to go then tried to kick it in but I had a serious side stitch and figured I was not going to win the race but I knew I had 2nd in the bag so I slowed a bit to ease the pain. Made it to the finish and felt really good about the race.


Finish: 2:08:49 2nd Overall


I was happy with the race but still a bit disappointed I am still losing time on the bike. My coach and I have been working hard on the bike so I am optimistic that I won’t be so far behind the other riders at 70.3 Racine in two weeks. Now time to get the last two weeks of training in before Racine then it’ll be on to the USAT AG National Championships!