2015 Chicago Marathon: A Painful PR

Well I found this in my draft folder from last year. I guess a week away from this year’s marathon is good as any to post it!

My season race season is over. After last week’s Chicago Marathon I have had time to rest, relax, and enjoy some downtime…and a lot of food! I had this race pegged as a great chance to really crush my marathon PR and to end the season on a bang. I was able to lower my PR by 4 minutes and end the season well but I still wish I did better.

After my win at the Chicago Triathlon my coach and I adjusted to A LOT of running. I figured all the miles and runs I had done since USAT Nationals then Chicago Triathlon would get me into the shape needed to run my goal, 2:40. But after about 15 miles my legs were already starting to rebel and told me a 2:40 was not in the cards! I had the lungs for the 2:40 but my legs just didn’t have enough miles in them to go that fast for that long.


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