2 Must Be My Lucky Number: Pleasant Prairie RR

I have been 2nd place overall in two different triathlons, one running race, and two weeks ago I added another 2nd to that list, unfortunately. Now I am not disappointed with 2nd because that means that only one person was faster than me on the day. But I am waiting, patiently, for my first overall win!

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon is a great race. It is about an hour from my and this was my 3rd time racing. The course is great. Nice, calm swim, solid bike course with great volunteers so there is no chance of going the wrong way, and an honest run course to end it all!

I drove myself there early Sunday morning, racked my bike, did all of my pre race stuff then got in the water for a few minute warm up swim. The water felt amazing. Perfect temp and my always trusty Xterra Vendetta wetsuit was feeling nice and comfortable.

Swim (24:23 5th Overall): I talked to a few people before the start to kind of gauge where I wanted to be and if there was anyone I wanted to swim with. Got off to a good quick start and I was alone, well there were two swimmers ahead but no chance of catching them. So the swim was mostly solo but I did get a chance to swim on some feet for a little while. Made the final turn and saw a swimmer I could swim with a bit until the finish. I got out of the water 5th, I think, then ran through transition.

On the bike

On the bike

Bike 1:04:5xish (25 MPH/258 NP) 3rd Overall: I got on the bike and felt my right calf a bit tight. I wanted to really push the bike so I was pretty annoyed my calf didn’t allow me to do that! But I kept on pushing. I wanted to be around 270ish watts to see how I would feel on the run but never got up to that for an extended period of time. I caught a few people pretty fast then saw two others at a turn and knew I would not be catching them since they were a few minutes ahead at the end of the bike. So I mentally started to get ready to get off the bike and try to run them down! That’s my favorite thing to do but I need to get stronger on the bike so I don’t put myself so far behind. But all in all it was a good, tough ride!


Run 36:59 (5:58 min/mile) 2nd Overall: Got off the bike and ran out of transition like a bat out of hell. I thought I was about 4 minutes down on the two leaders so I knew I had PLENTY of work to do. I figured I could run hard, see them at the turn and calculate how much of a lead they had then readjust my pacing as needed. Miles started to tick off and finally saw them. It was about 2 minutes on first and 1 minute and a half on second the first time I saw them. First place looked good but second looked to be struggling a bit.


Kept my foot on the gas and kept pushing it. Next time it was about 1:45 to first then :40 to second. I knew I was going to catch second but wasn’t sure about 1st. I made the pass into 2nd with about a half mile to go then tried to kick it in but I had a serious side stitch and figured I was not going to win the race but I knew I had 2nd in the bag so I slowed a bit to ease the pain. Made it to the finish and felt really good about the race.


Finish: 2:08:49 2nd Overall


I was happy with the race but still a bit disappointed I am still losing time on the bike. My coach and I have been working hard on the bike so I am optimistic that I won’t be so far behind the other riders at 70.3 Racine in two weeks. Now time to get the last two weeks of training in before Racine then it’ll be on to the USAT AG National Championships!


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