Race Scheduling

As I sit here watching the NCAA basketball championship I am still pondering my upcoming season.  I just made some alternations to my race schedule I had on the blog because when I updated it I had ZERO clue when I wanted to race/where to race/etc.  I LOVE to race and if it were up to me I would race a lot more than I do.  But I do not have the money nor would racing that much be good for my season.  The problem with racing too much is you race yourself out of fitness.  That just means that you race so much that if you even take a few days before and after each race as easy days that’s a lot of training left on the table.  Also, this winter has not made it conducive to racing.  Hell, I’ve only been outside on a handful of bike rides!  It’s been brutal.

I have talked myself into and out of racing the Grand Rapids Half Iron multiple times but the timing just isn’t right.  I want to do the race but it probably isn’t smart if I want to race well at Rev3 Dells.  So it looks like I will be doing a Duathlon late April then open my triathlon race season either at Muncie May Triathlon or the Seahorse Triathlon.  Still not sure of my schedule in July/August but I might go back to the USAT Oly Nationals, race there then head over to Madison and do some training on the IM Wisconsin course to get a good training weekend in.  But my focus right now is on that race so I want to make sure I do what’s best for that race.

Another big thing I keep going back and forth on is coaching.  Right now I am self coached but part of me wants to get a coach but the cost is pretty high.  Part of me likes being self coached so I can make my own schedule and if life comes up I can quickly make alternations to my schedule without too much stress.

Other then that things have been going well with training and life.  Thanks, as always, for reading!


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