Waves Mirco Towel

One of my friends came to me a few weeks ago asking if I would test out a towel for her friend and let her know how she thought it would be for a triathlete.  I had the chance to get the Wave Mirco Towel and test it out a few times within the last few weeks.  I normally just use the towels at the gym when I swim because I am way too lazy to bring my own towel and have to wash it and all that so I wasn’t sure how I would like it.

The towel is SUPER compact which is great.  I carry one of those drawstring bags to the gym to swim so I don’t have much space to put things in but this fit with plenty of room left over.  The towel itself is nice.  It is soft since it is microfiber.  The first time I tried it it felt pretty weird because it doesn’t slide when drying like a regular towel but after a few swipes I was dry.  It does a great job of drying the body and hair and it never felt like it was soaked with water.

While I can’t say I would bring this to the gym everyday since I am just too lazy to add more laundry to my hamper but for open water swims, races, and pools without towels this would be great.  As a triathlete I carry enough crap with me to every race it’s nice to have something small that I can use as a transition towel and post race towel to dry off.  Check the towel out and if you own a boat then this would kill two birds with one stone!


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