I did a quick review of EnduroPacks a week after I started the product but I wanted to write a review after the full month of using the product.  First off, let me say it does not disappoint.

A quick summary of my training during the time I took the product.  I was towards the end of my triathlon training and getting into my full on Chicago Marathon training.  Putting in 60 miles per week running as well as some riding and swimming.  I am training everyday of the week as well as being on my feet all day teaching.

The monthly supply comes with 4 parts; the multivitamin liquid, the electrolyte spray, amino acid patch, and the glutamine tablet. Combined they are to replace all vitamins and because they are in patch, liquid, or quick release tablet, they actually make it into the body and are broken down which enables the body to actually use them and not just produce expensive pee like a lot of vitamins.


The multivitamin is added to water and taken once a day.  I usually add some of the electrolyte spray to it as well since I do most of my runs in the morning and I want to get some recovery fluids in there as well.  When added to 8 ounces of water it doesn’t taste great but it doesn’t taste bad.  It has a mild flavor but is easy to drink.  Not sure if it is the vitamin, the coffee, or a combo of many other things, but I feel pretty fresh and awake throughout the whole day which is great since I need all the energy I can get when working with Kindergarten to third graders all day.

Electrolyte Spray

The spray is very, very handy.  I have added it to my multivitamin, plain water during the day, and to my bottles during long runs.  It tastes good, not over powering which is good during a workout.  I have also added it to wage with Nuun in which makes for an electrolyte heavy drink that tastes great.

Amino acid patch and glutamine tablet

These two things are pure amazingness!  I have gone on countless longish runs, multiple 17+ mile runs and have felt surprisingly fresh the next day thanks to the patch and the recovery tablet that is taken before bed.  The patch is put on the inner wrist or lower stomach, I have pick the lower stomach so as not to get confused with a nicotine patch.  THe concept behind the patch is great and it seems to do what it supposed to do.  It releases the much-needed amino acids slowly throughout the 7-8 hours the patch is good for which allows the body to fully absorb and use it for recovery.

All in all I think this product is a great value and an amazing concept.  The company is also super helpful and know what they are doing.  Check out EnduroPacks and you won’t regret it!



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