I was approached a few weeks ago to test out a new nutrition product called EnduroPacks.  It was created to take all the thinking out of buying different supplements and figuring out what to take which can be annoying and pretty expensive.  It was created by a former pro cyclist who really just wanted to make multivitamins, hydration, and recovery easy for athletes.  This is big because we, as athletes, already have plenty to worry about without having to worry about what vitamins to take and how much, and what electrolytes I need and how I am supposed to recover from the hard sessions.

What EnduroPacks does is send out a monthly supply of a multivitamin liquid that you add to water, which tastes good.  They send a long a concentrated electrolyte spray that you spray into your drink during activity to help stay hydrated.  The coolest part of this pack is the amino acid patches they send.  What is so cool about these is you stick them on the inside of your wrist and they let out amino acids over a 7-8 hour span.  There has been research done that has shown that taking things transdermal,  through the skin, allows for better absorption of whatever it is because the body does not need to break it down as much.  Side note: I have been using magnesium spray instead or a vitamin and can tell the difference immediately.  Back to the review, it also comes with a bottle of glutamine tablets that will further aide in recovery by replenishing the muscle’s stores of glutamine.  The combination of all these allow us to only have to worry about a few things each day knowing that it’ll help us get back to training the next day!

I have been taking it for 4 days now and I really like the concept.  The multivitamin tastes good, the patch stays on while swimming and showering.  I don’t know if it’s mental or if it’s actually working, or being in a semi taper mode for the Chicago Triathlon, but I have had some hard sessions and the next day I am feeling good.  Again, it might be too soon to actually feel results but I think it is helping.  I was not really sore the day after a 20 mile hard run Saturday.  I think what really helps is the patch that allows the absorption of the amino acids over a longer period of time so my body is better able to utilize them as opposed to taking one protein drink since your body can only handle so much.

I will update again in a few weeks but I am really excited to test this out because the price is right and the concept really works.  Check them out at, http://www.enduropacks.com, and see what they’re about.


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