Pleasant Prairie RR

I’m going to try to make this short and sweet because I know I have the tendency to give too many details about a race and as you’re reading it all you see is “blah, blah, blah”.  So here we go!

Pretty much for any race I have done the last 2 seasons that wasn’t an A race my goal was to push the swim.  I have not yet figured out how to put myself in discomfort when swimming like I can when biking and running.

Goals for race: PUSH the swim, PUSH the bike, see where I am on the run after that (but I really wanted to run a sub 38 10k)

Swim: (27:12, too slow/100 yards)

As I lined up in the elite wave, second of the season, I look to my right to see Lukas Verzbicas getting ready to race.  Welp this is going to be a fast race.  Then after the race realized there were a few other pros there as well.  Anyway, we start in ankle-deep water and have to swim a few yards out then turn right around the buoy.  Well I did not embrace the suck and the discomfort of the start and was screwed from then on out.  After everyone swam ahead of me I tried to get into a rhythm but never felt very good.  Looking back at my Garmin file I saw 1.14 miles.  So either the course was long or I took a TERRIBLE line, but most likely a combo of them both.  So if I really swam 1.14 miles I don’t mind that time too much.

Bike: (1:03:11, 23.2 MPH)

Get out of the water and head to transition.  Again, the goal was to push to see how much power I could put out and be able to run well.  I was targeting 230-240 watts and ended up with 234 average power and 238 normalized power.  Not too bad.  The bike was pretty uneventful but it was windy at times.  The course was pretty flat with decent roads.  Another problem with not getting in a swim pack is I have no one to bike with.  It is SO much easier to ride with people, legally, even when you are 7 meters back.  It allows you to take a bit of a break and you don’t use as much energy if someone else is pacing.  Hop off the bike, almost a little too early because the dismount line was not very clear and volunteers were focused on the mount line but that’s my fault because I have to know where everything is.

Run (37:56, 6:07 min/mile)

Get off the bike, put my shoes on and head out of transition.  Right out of transition I miss the first turn and had to double back a few yards to get back to the path.  The run is an out and backish, with another out and back.  Weird I know but a pretty simple course.  I get out and legs are feeling good so I hit it and catch up with a few people who were ahead of me.  I knew I was not in a high position so I am running to try to pass as many people as I can and run fast.  So the run was pretty much uneventful.  I was pushing it hard but started a bit slow because I like to negative split races and I did not in NOLA so I wanted to get faster and start to pick it up at the 5k mark.  I get to the last “turnaround” with about a 1.25 miles left and I counted someone was about 45 seconds ahead of me so of course I had to pass him.  I pick it up make the pass then book it to the finish.  Cross the finish, see my parents and I tell them how bad my swim was.

Finish: 2:10:06 (14th Overall and 11th in the elite wave)

I was mad that day because of the bad swim but I had a good bike and a good run so the race was not all lost.  I know what I have to do in a few weeks at Muncie 70.3 to be faster than 2 years ago.  I have about a week left of high quality training before I start my taper.  Very excited to race 70.3 again and see what this short course focus has done for my speed and strength!


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