Season triathlon debut this weekend!!!

Tomorrow I am headed down south for my first triathlon of the season!  I am going to be competing in the 5150 New Orleans.  This will be my first 5150 series race and I am excited.  This race is more of a B/C race though because I am heading down with my girlfriend and making a vacation of it.  We are going to head to Nashville tomorrow then get down to NOLA on Thursday to stay with my sister down there.  Not sure what type of training I will be able to get done down there but I have my bike trainer and running shoes so I am sure I’ll be able to get something done but nothing too crazy.  I want to be able to enjoy the city and go on a gator tour and other fun stuff without thinking about training in the back of my mind.  I went down their last year for the NOLA 70.3 but I went alone so I was not really able to do much walking around so this year will be different.

Also, this will be my first race competing in the AG Elite wave.  This is a wave that some races have that starts right after the pros and you must qualify with a certain time in order to be in it.  I was not planning on doing the AG Elite wave because I have ZERO clue how I will be able to compete since I am really only a month into true triathlon training after focusing on the Boston Marathon for the early part of the season.

This race series finishes with the US Championships in Des Moines called the Hy-Vee Triathlon.  The cool thing with this race is that they give the top 5 finishers in each AG a free entry to the race.  So if I am lucky enough to have a good race I get a free entry!  And a cool thing about the AG Elite wave is if I qualify for Hy-Vee I am eligible for money and a car!  But the people in this series are FAST.  Like seriously FAST.  I am excited to see how I race but because it is a B/C race there is not too much pressure on me to perform; well that’s what I say now!  But no matter what I will leave it all out there and race my hardest and have some fun!


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