Guest Post: Melanie Bowen

I have never done a guest post before but a few weeks ago I was approached by Melanie Bowen about possibly putting something she wrote on the blog.  I thought about it and said “why not?”.  She wrote a short article about fitness and healthy eating for cancer patients.  This is a great topic because cancer touches almost all of us in some way or another.  It’s short and to the point and it links to other sites for more information.  I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I did and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email myself or Melanie (

Running Leads to Multiple Benefits for Cancer Patients

If a person is not a runner, becoming a runner when diagnosed with cancer may seem like an impossible thing to do.  Running is effective in releasing endorphins that stimulate the body; and running also vastly increases physical endurance and improves blood circulation.  Each of these benefits contributes to a person with cancer gaining better odds to beat the disease and to enter into recovery with a stronger body.

Enter Into a Running Routine Mildly

Going through chemotherapy treatments and radiation treatments often leaves a person feeling completely depleted.  While it can seem unlikely that a mesothelioma cancer patient who is going through treatments will have enough energy to begin a running regimen, there are mild ways to enter into this activity successfully.

An online Harvard publication states that running is an excellent cardio workout that is comparable to aerobics.  The article also states when a person takes proper safety measures before beginning a running fitness routine, splendid health benefits can surface as a result of running.  If a cancer patient needs to work up to running on a regular basis, beginning with walking or a walk/run combination can be an ideal way to steadily increase a fitness schedule to where a person is running consistently.

Look for Different Places to Run to Break Up Monotony

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a running routine to improve health for cancer patients, is sticking with the routine on a consistent basis.  This can be especially true if a person is feeling extra tired after a long series of chemo treatments.  If a person is feeling tired after long series of treatments, staying committed and reducing the exercise to a walking/running combination may be necessary.  It is also important to switch up places where a person runs to keep the individual inspired and eager to run.

If someone exercises in the same place every time he exercises, this can quickly grow to be a boring habit that leaves little to look forward to.  Cancer patients will benefit by having a running buddy and by choosing random places, neighborhoods or parks to run at so their interest level remains peaked.


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