Profiled in “Triathlon Bloggers”

I was lucky enough to be spotlighted in the blog, List of Triathlon Blogs, in their “Tri Friends” section.  This is a new blog that was originally created to link up Chicago triathletes but it has grown, and is still growing, around the country.  You can also check them out on FaceBook.  But if you go to the link I posted above it will send you to their blog which has my profile on it.  I was excited for the opportunity and hopefully I will get more chances to get myself out there in the triathlon world!

And also, PLEASE go to the Snapple Tri Team Facebook page and “like” and “comment” on my picture so I can win a new wetsuit!  I have had some people already do it through my Twitter/FaceBook post but I really appreciate the help!  Just look to the right of the page where it says “recent posts by others” and find my picture and like/comment.

Boston is less than 2 weeks away and I am super excited!


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