2012 Yearly Totals

I have been slacking the past few months and not posting my “Monthly Training Hours” but that’s mainly because my race season was over so my volume is lower and I was also pretty sure not many people really cared about my training hours!  But after my last post about my geeking out with Excel I am going to update on my 2012 yearly workout total!  There is a lot of info in there, thanks to Excel, and I think it’s pretty cool being able to figure so much out with a few clicks of the button.  So….drumroll please…..here we are…


  • Total Time: 104:01:17 hours
  • Total Distance: 332,600 yards which equals about 189 miles
  • Total Workouts: 123 swims which is 26% of workouts and 18% of training time


  • Total Time: 265:00:06 hours
  • Total Distance: 4801 miles
  • Total Workouts: 167 workouts which is 35% of workouts and 45% total training time


  • Total Time: 194:46:45 hours
  • Total Distance: 1472.72 miles
  • Total Workouts: 186 workouts which is 39% of workouts and 33% total training time


  • Total Time: 583:29:17 hours
  • Total Distance: 6462 miles which is basically the distance from Chicago, IL to Tokyo.
  • Total Workouts: 476 workouts

Looking at the totals it’s clear that I had a bike focus, which is what usually happens when training for Ironman.  But it also shows that I should probably swim more, but I already knew that.  I really would like to up my running volume as well which will be my focus at the start of the season while I train for the Boston Marathon.  Then I will switch back to tri specific training until Septemberish, then it will be back to run training for the Chicago Marathon.  I have not yet nailed down my exact 2013 racing schedule or goals but I will, of course, post them on here once I have it all worked out.  Happy New Year and thanks for another great racing year and my eyes are on another great race season!


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