Next level Tri geek?

I may have just reached a new level of” Tri Geekiness”.  I am sure most triathletes, being type A and all, have some place where they log there workouts.  Now others might have multiple places.  And others still might have multiple places online as well as an Excel spreadsheet to track monthly training hours and miles.  Now I am all of the above; I track my workouts on and Garmin Connect and I also have an Excel spreadsheet for each month that tracks my monthly training hours.  I have an added sheet that tracks the total yearly time of each sport and their distances as well as total time.

The other day, well on Christmas actually, I was bored and I wanted to see how many workouts I did the whole year.  So I went through each month and counted a few months of each sport.  Then I remembered that one of my professors, who is an Excel master, created a graph to analyze data that he got from tests and other parts of the class.  He was able to create different rows that showed different levels.  “Hmm, that would be really cool if I could do make Excel count my workouts automatically.”  That’s where the “countif” formula comes in to play.  I was able to create a column that automatically counted each workout if it was longer than a certain time/distance.  Boom!  Now I have all of my workouts counted from the year.

Sad isn’t it?  Well I did not stop there.  Today I got to wondering what percentage of time and percentage of workouts each of the sports made up during the year.  Being the Excel genius I am now I made a few clicks and BAM!  Now I have a percent breakdown of the time and total workout percentage for swimming/biking/running.  Now this might be very valuable to me because I can go back and reflect on the season and see how my training was and what I might be able to tweak to improve certain things.

That might seem sad but people who know Excel know that what I did did not take as much time as it might seem.  But judge me if you want; at least I know how many hours I trained this year!  KIDDING (well I do know but kidding because that’s not that cool of a thing to most people)


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