Vacation Time!!! (and gluten “free” update)

Now that my semester is over and the weather is getting colder what could be better than taking a trip somewhere warm?  Going on a cruise to somewhere warm!  I am super excited to get away from this weather and get some sun and relax.  My GF and I are leaving Saturday for Ft. Lauderdale then heading on a cruise to the Bahamas where we will stay for a few nights then head back.  We will be gone until the following Friday so that’s almost a week of fun and sun!  I have never done a winter vacation or gone on a cruise so killing both of these birds is more than ok with me.  I am excited to get away to recharge my mind and body because when I come back reality sets in.  I am starting my student teaching in the spring and my training season for 2013 will start.  I am looking forward to both of those things but I need a nice vacation to just get away from everything and relax.

It might be hard but I am not bringing running shoes and only bringing swim goggles.  I might train a bit but I might not.  I think it would be cool to swim in the ocean or run on the beach but the biggest thing I want to do is relax and chill out with my GF, and of course get a tan!

Now for my quick diet update.  Last post I was very diligent with my gluten free diet.  Since then I have dialed down a bit.  I am not super strict with it but I have not had bread, pasta, or other big flour items since my diet has started.  I have had a few cookies here and there but nothing too big.  I have pretty much taken this “Low Gluten diet” and have been using it.  I kind of figured I have no gluten sensitivity so if I have a little gluten I won’t freak out about it but I will try to not have big gluten meals or anything like that because I feel a little better after cutting it out.

Happy holidays and I am looking forward to putting on a few extra holiday pounds!


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