It’s been too long!

Wow, it has almost been 3 weeks since I last posted.  It would be cool to be able to say that so much has gone on since Ironman Wisconsin but really I have just been focusing on relaxing during my down time and focusing on school.  I am now in my “clinicals” for the teaching program I am in.  I am currently semi student teaching at a high school right now but more so observing the teacher and trying to learn as much as I can.  I am getting used to the dreaded 6:20 alarm that wakes me up every week day.

But as far as training goes I am a little over a week out from the Chicago Marathon so my training has been run, run, run, and run.  It is a nice change up from the 16-20 hour training weeks of triathlon training.  I am running about 40-50ish miles a week and training about 7 hours so that is A LOT of down time from the 16 hours I am used to.  So what am I doing during this time?  Sleeping!  I have always taken naps during training but now I am usually able to nap and not set an alarm after school or my observations.  This is great because my body is still doing a bit of recovery from the Ironman so my body needs all the rest it can get.

If you read my Ironman Wisconsin RR you knowthat I had some leg issues during the race.  I can say that they are gone.  That’s the good part.  The bad part is no one I have talked to knows exactly what the hell is doing on.  I have seen a Chiropractor, and still seeing him, talked to a sports nutritionist and many others but no one has a definative reasoning for what has been happening. I have been told that it was probably a “perfect storm” of things happening that caused it.  I have also heard, and this is kind of what I thought as well, that my body reacts to tapering in an unusual way.  It basically goes into full recovery mode when I drop my hours and does not like it when I workout because it wants my muscles to recover and not stress themselves.  So for my next IM, whenever it is, I might try a longer taper which involves a more gradual decrease in training or maybe I will try less tapering and hope my muscles can repair themselves during that time.  But I have plenty of time to do some research and talk to more people about that.

But now my focus is on the Chicago Marathon and my sub 3 hour goal.  We will see how this plays out.  I know I have the endurance, it just depends on if I have enough sustainable speed to run at that pace for that long.  But I am still working on my strategy and I will see how my legs feel at the end of next week and completely set my plan.  Oh, and I am also officially registered for the Boston Marathon next spring!  My goal of running all of the World Marathon Majors will be one less after Aprile 15th.


Boston Marathon entry!



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