Ironman Wisconsin Swim Strategy (and August training hours)

Holy crap, as I look at my countdown app I see 4 days, 16 hours, 11 minutes, and 25 seconds until Ironman Wisconsin!  I was sitting in class today and I got very anxious thinking about the race, in a good way though.  I am very excited and very prepared for this race.  For the next few days I will try to lay out my strategy for the different legs of the race.  I have thought about these over and over and over (and over) and pretty much have them memorized but I figured why not let the few readers I have read what I am hoping to do in the race!  So here is the first installment, the swim!

At IM Texas I swam a non-wetsuit 1:10 and thought that was slow for me.  I could have been faster but many things prevented that.  Up until last week I was thinking I could swim under a 1:05 since it will be wetsuit legal, baring a heat wave, Sunday.  Last Friday I did a 1.5 mile open water swim at a comfortable pace and when I got out of the water saw that my pace was 1:28 min/100 yards.  That was a nice surprise because that would equate to a 1:02 over 2.4 miles.  Now I am not sure what sighting will be like during the race but I am looking to go anywhere from 58-1:05.  I know that is a big time frame but I think if I feel good I can swim the 58 but if I am not feeling great I won’t push it too hard which is where the 1:05 is.  My objective for the swim is to push for the first few hundred and not get beat up too much then settle in to a nice comfortable pace and hopefully find some people to draft off of to make the swim that much easier.  The swim strategy is simple and to the point.  I am still not sure where I will line up in the water but within a few rows on the front and more than likely middle to outside the buoy so I can try to swim the exact distance and not have to swim extra by starting out too wide.  Now I just have to hope my strategy goes as planned!  More installments will be coming for the bike and run so look for those if you care.

Now down to the August training hours.  I had a great month of training.  I ended up my big training with two straight 20 hour weeks so my volume is there.  My hourly volume for August was almost 10 hours more than any other month and my bike miles were more.  So here they are…

Swim: 50520 yards in 15 hours and 24 minutes (highest monthly total)

Bike: 748 miles in 40 hours (highest monthly total)

Run: 154 miles in 20 hours and 55 minutes

Total: 77 hours and 40 minutes

Let’s just hope all those extra bike miles pay off on Sunday, which I think they will!


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