June=MIA and vacation!

So I have been missing in action on my blog this month.  Now I can’t say I have been too busy to post or anything like that.  But I can say that procrastination and lack of imagination have been really high!  But I am back, not that anyone was worried.  I know you expect me to talk about training but I am going to throw a little curve ball and write, but mostly show, about my vacation that I just got back from!

I went to Sedona, AZ and LA with my girlfriend for a wedding.  She grew up in Sedona so we made that our first stop and stayed from the 15th-21st and it was a blast.  The scenery was amazing, and I even got in a few rides, runs, and swims!  Then we made our way to LA, well really Encino, Agoura Hills, and Thousand Oaks but who’s keeping track.  We stayed with one of my GFs best friends, the bride, and her soon to be husband.  It was amazing.  We went to Santa Monica Pier and drove through Malibu and saw some amazing scenery and ate way too much!  But that’s what vacation is for, hopefully I can get rid of that weight quickly.  But here are some pictures of the trip.  I hope you enjoy!

View from Jessica’s backyard. Amazing to wake up to this view!

A picture from my bike ride. I could get used to this!

The Red Rocks were a welcome sight during the 3.5 hour ride!

The Grand Canyon was so cool. Pictures do not do this place justice.

Santa Monica Pier

Those who know me know that Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies so this was pretty cool to see!

Got to take a picture with Bumblebee! He walked exactly like he does in the movies which made it a little weird.

Great view on top of some mountains in Malibu.

Wedding. They had a great venue!

Cool picture from our airplane. Not sure where it is.

Crazy picture of the Colorado fires from our plane.


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