“The hay’s in the barn”…one week to Ironman Texas!

I typed that phrase, “the hay’s in the barn” into Google to see what came up and the whole first page were posts about running, triathlons, etc.  That is a common phrase one might hear when it is getting close to an event.  It basically means that there isn’t anymore fitness that can be gained before the race unless you want to show up tired and burnt out!  So that also means that it’s….TAPER TIME!  My coach and I decided that for Ironman Texas we would use a solid two week taper which is going well so far.  Last week I ended up at around 18 hours of training and this week will be around 11-12.  Now it’s time to keep my body in shape but not go crazy and try to get more fitness.  I haven’t had any freak outs about the race yet which is good but we will see how next week pans out when my training volume really drops.

These next few weeks will be about keeping fresh and adding in some intensity along with easier workouts.  It is also about fueling my body.  I have been very strict, calorie wise, about my diet for the past few months to get down to race weight and the “Lose it” iPhone app has been my best friend.  But now I am more worried about making sure my glycogen stores are topped off and that I am getting enough electrolytes to make sure my body is ready for next Saturday because I am preparing for 95 degrees and humid.  I am super excited for my first Ironman and I cannot wait to put my training to the test down in Texas.  I know I am ready and I have been formulating my race strategy for the past few weeks and running through it in my head so I know how I want to race, now I just have to hope that nothing gets in the way of that!


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