April training hours

I know everyone has been on the edge of their seat waiting for my monthly installment of “my training hours” and since I have time today you are in luck!  All kidding aside I had a great month of training that even included the Chi-Town 1/2 Marathon and the shortened 70.3 NOLA triathlon.  April was a tough month of training because it was the month leading up to Ironman Texas.  So they involved some LONG weeks with a lot of training and a lot of mental work during the long hours.  But I managed, mostly, to get through all the workouts on the winning side, although I did lose a few mental battles but that happens.  So here we go…

Total training hours: around 68 hours

Swim Training: 13 hours and 17 minutes for 42350 yards

Cycling training: 32 hours and 30 minutes for +/- 588 miles

Run training: 21 hours and 15 minutes for 163 hours.

All of these were monthly highs for me and I had some good confidence boosters during the month which showed me that I could physically, and mentally, make it through an Ironman race.  I also think I have figured out my pacing for the race as well.  Tomorrow is, I think, my last longer day of training before May 19th so I am ready to tackle that then start to taper!


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