March training hours

It’s that time again!  Another month has passed and I have filled up another Excel spread sheet with my training hours and distances.  Unfortunately, this month, like in February, I had glute spasms that cost me some cycling time but I have since started seeing a PT and doing strength exercises and so far so good!  Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t come back again because I am 3 weeks out from 70.3 NOLA and 7 weeks out from IM Texas so I cannot afford taking time off from cycling.  Well here is what my training looked like in March.

60:48:14 total training time (highest total to date)

Swim: 10 hours and 49 minutes totaling 34800 yards

Cycling: 28 hours and 12 minutes totaling just under 500 miles

Run: 20 hours and 10 minutes totaling 158 miles

I also had a few hours of cross training to total up to that 60 hours.  Another good month of training and I finally got a race in on Sunday!  I also went for my first 100 mile ride Saturday.  The body is feeling good and I can’t wait to race 70.3 NOLA in a few weeks.  I will have a race report for Sunday’s half marathon up sometime soon (I hope).


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