Thoughts during training

When I first tell people that I am training for an Ironman I get a few responses.  Usually the first one is “You are f*@&ing crazy!”.  I am used to that and respond with a “yeah, I know I am”.  The next thing people will ask about is what I think about during training.  I have described a long training day which might include an hour swim, 4 hours on the bike then an hour run after.  My response to that is, “everything”.  During training I think about basically everything going on in my life but also I think about some silly, ridiculous things.  But what I think about is also influenced by the type of workout I am doing.  If it is a steady aerobic run/ride I can more freely think about things because the pain and suffering is not so bad.  But during intervals and tough workouts I am more thinking about pretending this doesn’t suck or telling myself it will only make race day easier.  Then during the rest period I am thinking about how fast the rest goes and how long the interval feels.  I think I have a good pain threshold so unless it is a truly BRUTAL workout I can usually let my mind wonder a little but I try not to so I can focus on the workout.

During my long ride on Friday one of the things I was thinking about was writing this post.  I have been slacking on the blog and this popped into my head.  But the main thing that dominates my thoughts during training is racing.  I am constantly doing math about my splits and what time I would need for an xx:xx:xx finishing time and where it would place me.  I try to not think about where it would place me because I can only race my race and where I end up is where I end up.

But during long workouts I will sometimes think about why I am doing this.  Long workouts tend to play games with your head, see my earlier post on Battling the Mind.  If the workout hurts my mind might tell me that it’s ok to slow down, or it’s ok to cut the workout short.  Then I have to snap out of it because I know this is preparing me for race day.  One of my favorite things to think about at the end of a long workout is what I am going to eat after.  It usually involves post workout chocolate milk then maybe some Chipotle or pizza.  Well that post kind of jumped around but that is exactly what my mind does during the workouts.  Either way I am having fun testing my limits.  Can’t wait to race NOLA 70.3 in 40 days and Ironman Texas in 67 days!


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