February training hours

So as I said at the beginning of March, I will post my training times and distances after each month.  It is kind of cool, for me at least, to see the breakdown of how much time is spent on each discipline and see the month to month differences.  I am also excited that I will be racing in the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans April 22nd as a prep for Ironman Texas.  This will be very good to shake off the racing cobwebs before the big race in Texas.  Racing is always fun and it’ll be nice to get down in the heat and humidity of the south prior to Texas.

Swim: 12 hours and 9 minutes totaling 37640 yards

Bike: 16 hours and 19 minutes totaling 283 miles, actually more since most was done on a trainer.  Also I had glute spasms that prevented my from cycling for a week but it’s all good now!

Run: 18 hours and 26 minutes totaling 140 miles

All in all that ends up being 49 hours for the month.  It was another good month and so far this month is also going well.  Adding some more speed and intervals in this month since I now have a nice, solid endurance base.  Looking forward to racing in 50 days.  I am also really happy to have gotten my bike fit dialed in during my Retul fitting from this week!


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