January training totals

I always wonder how much some people train.  It intrigues me.  How much does someone with a full time job train?  With kids?  In school?  Training hours is something that has been debated too.  Should you go for volume for Ironman training or can you get away with 8 hours week with mainly high intensity training.  I am lucky enough to have ample time and energy to train so I get some of both and here are my January totals!

Total training time: 47.8 hours (the first week of January was “test” week and was only 5 hours)

Swim training: 10.2 hours and 29,860 yards (about 17 miles)

Bike training: 21.2 hours and 351.4 miles (most miles were on trainer so that total is actually higher since)

Run training: 14.4 hours 107.8 miles

I also walked 6 miles for 2 hours in the first week as well as a part of training.

I don’t want to give away all of my training secrets but I think I will keep these totals going after each month.  Can’t wait to keep training!  Ironman Texas is 108 days away…


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