A breakthrough.  For a high school student it could be figuring out what college they want to go to.  For a college student it could be figuring out what career they want to get into.  For a teacher it could be them figuring out how to get the most out of their students.  But for a triathlete a breakthrough comes through in a workout.  These, logically, are called “breakthrough workouts”.  They usually happen during, or after, a workout that they did not think that they could do or a workout that made them realize that they could complete the event they are training for.  I think this happens to every triathlete at some point and these workouts feel GOOD.

I had one of these workouts today.  It wasn’t a long workout, or a tough workout, it was just a swim.  It was a continuous 30 minute swim.  The reason it was somewhat of a breakthrough was because I swam at around 75% most of the swim and averaged 1:33 per 100.  This is by no means fast to some standards, and I know the pool is supposed to be faster than open water but I do not do flip turns so my crappy turns kind of negate the push off, but for me it was pretty good for early in the season.  If you read my “Goals for 2012” post you would see that one of my goals was to complete one of my Ironman swims in 1 hour and 10 minutes.  If I was able to keep that 1:33 pace for the 2.4 miles I would finish in around an hour and 6 minutes.  This is great because I have so much more time to train to hopefully make me faster and more efficient in the pool.

As I am writing this it is snowing once again.  Week 2 of Ironman Texas training is almost complete.  Just have an hour and a half run tomorrow and a core workout then I get to rest up on Sunday.


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