Goals for 2012

So when I think of goals I want to achieve in a race or a season I always go big.  I am the type of person where if I do not achieve a goal I will not lose much confidence, it will just make me train harder for the next time.  My goal for me first marathon was 3 hours.  Yeah, kind of a crazy goal to undertake for marathon #1 but my dad ran a 2:56:xx in his first marathon when he was a little older than me so I figured “why not”.  I did not achieve that goal but it is still a goal of mine and I will be training for it in 2012.  So here are my, some are lofty goals, for 2012.

  1. Finish Ironman Texas and Ironman Wisconsin- I say finish because of how big of an accomplishment it is but I know I won’t be happy with just a finish
  2. Execute MY race plan in Texas and Wisconsin- Nutrition, pacing, and mental aspects of the race
  3. Run a sub-3 hour marathon at the Chicago Marathon
  4. Lower my open ½ marathon time from 1:26:41 to under 1:25
  5. Swim a sub 1:10 Ironman swim- either Texas or Wisconsin
  6. Run a 3:30 Ironman marathon- I know this one will be tough but from what I hear it’s safe to take 1 minute off your half Ironman run time when estimating Ironman run time, that is assuming everything goes right during the swim and bike
  7. Challenge for a Kona spot at either race- there are many factors that go into getting a Kona spot so this is my loftiest goal but go big or go home right?!
  8. Raise my Functional Threshold Power (currently around 250) at least 7%
  9. Be injury free!
  10. Go sub 4:30 at either Ironman 70.3 Racine or Steelhead- I have a bone to pick with Steelhead since they cancelled the swim and I went 3:49 so that day I could have had an awful swim and still went 4:30 I think
  11. Eat more fruits and vegetables!!!

I know I will think of more goals and I will update when I do but here are the big ones for now.


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